Halloween Beer – A Land Beyond Pumpkin

While I am certainly a fan of some pumpkin beers, notably Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale, there’s a wider variety of Halloween-appropriate craft beers worth seeking out.  No doubt Rogue sees an uptick in sales of their Dead Guy and Double Dead Guy Ales, and both are fine beers indeed (although I’m partial to the DDG), […]

Beer Review: Victory Pursuit Pale Ale

I enjoyed this on cask at the brewpub recently, and it was very tasty indeed – eminently drinkable, but with plenty of representation from both the hop and malt components.  There was plenty of hop aroma (it’s a limited-time single-hop offering from the Downingtown brewery) and a thick, creamy white head over a deep straw-colored […]

Dogfish Head Chicha

Last year, Dogfish Head’s Chicha proved to be much more difficult to produce than anticipated; the brewing of this year’s installment of the latest ‘new/old’ beer apparently went a little more smoothly, thanks to a bit more experience and research.  However, it’s still not easy to make this beer in any sort of quantity, since […]

Beer Review: The Bruery Autumn Maple

I’m quite a fan of The Bruery; the Belgian-flavored California brewery just seems to get things right, and often from unexpected corners.  My only complaint is that on most occasions, their beers are only available in enormous bottles.  There’s good reason for that – everything they make is bottle-conditioned, and bottling lines are expensive – […]