Finally, Some General Lafayette Inn News

At long last, there’s some official news about the General Lafayette Inn; it is to be reborn as the Barren Hill Tavern, under the able ownership of the crew behind Devil’s Den. There will be house-brewed beers again (huzzah!) and one hopes that it will once more become a regular host for beer-centric events – … Read more

Got $1.25 Million for the General Lafayette Inn?

Yes, your favorite defunct colonial brewpub, the General Lafayette Inn, is still on the market, but at least now there’s a real estate listing to encourage potential buyers.  It took a bit of digging to find it, though an ad in the print version of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News pointed the way to the firm attempting … Read more

An Update: Want to Buy the General Lafayette Inn?

The fate of the General Lafayette Inn seems to be of ongoing interest to beer drinkers and potential business owners far and wide – our previous post on the topic is constantly receiving heavy search traffic and many return visits.  And if you are one of those looking to re-open the bar, your chance has … Read more

The General Lafayette Inn: Resurrection Required

Update (August 16, 2011): The sheriff’s sale is scheduled. As was reported last week, the General Lafayette Inn is still on the block — the original sale fell through, and it remains on the market for $1.8 million. While the location, although handy in the 18th century and through the streetcar era, leaves much to … Read more

Best Beers of 2013

There’s a little bit of everything this year – lots of local beer, and for many of the non-local ones, I got to enjoy them reasonably close to their sources, both at home and abroad. In roughly chronological order, please enjoy this year’s top 10: Mrs. Pigman, Tired Hands Brewing Company, Imperial / Double IPA, … Read more

Barren Hill Tavern – Opening Tap List

While in general I like to avoid just putting up the press release, time and the occasion sometimes warrant it.  It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time for Barren Hill Tavern and Brewery to open its doors to the public. The former General Lafayette Inn lives again at last, and with a … Read more