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Apparently this coaching in has great beer. Want me to explore it on your dime? Go on...I write about beer, beer history, horse racing and (very occasionally) other exciting and totally-not-arcane topics. I don’t do it for free (beyond my own blogs – I got sick of doing The Examiner as the time vs pay calculation wasn’t great there) unless it’s a Very Special Favor, but you are, of course, most welcome to read for free.  I’m usually too busy to take on more writing (which I can make ludicrously SEO-friendly when desired), but if you’ve got something that sounds like it might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, read an interview with me (unless you prefer something more audiovisual – that’s here, too, or a much older one here), then let’s chat!

Here are some recent-ish publications:

Serious Eats: Drinks

New York Times

DAM/Digital Humanities/Archives/Libraries

Table Matters

Philly Beer Scene

Finally, if you enjoy nostalgia, you can check out reviews and other articles and reviews I wrote for, back in the day (when I wasn’t busy coding and/or managing the usual dot-com emergencies common to that era).

And here are a few freelance ideas I would not turn down, provided I got a nice travel stipend and/or freebies for testing purposes (where applicable):

  • An exploration of what beers are available in Britain’s extant coaching inns
  • Which international soccer stadiums have the best beer selections?
  • An in-depth history of brewing in Australia and New Zealand
  • Why are were Moving Comfort sports bras just so fantastic?
  • Navigating Comic-Con with a smallish child
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to compare GABF and NZBF visits? You know it would.

Just a few examples to get you thinking…

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